株式会社グリオグルーヴ シネグリーオチームは、映像制作、海外への版権営業、映画祭への出品などを行う「制作部門」と、
CINEGRIOT INC. was founded in June 2008 by SAKAMOTO Masashi, formerly of Nikkatsu Corporation, the first film company established in Japan. He has over 7 years of experience in filmmaking and is the owner of Griot Groove, a recognized digital content production company group in Japan.

Sound Design/大野松雄 Ohno MatsuoSound Design/Ohno Matsuo

Production Dept./International Sales


VFX Studio (VFX/CG制作部門)

映画やCMを中心とした様々な映像分野でのVFX/CGを制作しており、Griot Grooveの共同体制を活かし、

Maya, 3ds Max, Houdini, ZBrush, mental ray, V-Ray, boujou,
RealFlow, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Nuke, HumeFX,その他

Main Areas of Business
- Feature and documentary film production
- CGI / VFX production
- Production and Sales for international film

We recently released "The Echo of Astro Boy's Footsteps" a documentary about OHNO Matsuo , the legendary sound creator of the classic anime series "Astro Boy", and "Ringing in Their Ears" , a story about an eccentric rock band Shinsei Kamattechan , directed by IRIE Yu. We have also produced "PANDORA'S BOX": a feature based on the classic novel by famed author DAZAI Osamu , and directed by TOMINAGA Masanori.
By producing visual effects and CGI for Cinegriot, our generalists and other staff have gained a wealth of experience that lets them cover everything from production to supervision with a focus on quality and speed for film, television commercials and beyond using cutting edge Japanese techniques. Our recent works have included Ring of Gundam, a CG animation short directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino and released only at a 30th anniversary event for Mobile Suit Gundam, the creation of the Nissan web movie PLUG, The NeW WORLD, and production of special effects for Ultraman Zero: The Movie.
In addition, we produced animated work for Murakami Versailles, Takashi Murakami's personal art exhibition at the Palace of Versailles in France, and a full spectrum of CGI and visual effects work from television commercials to product shots, matte painting and anything else a director might need.

Griot Groove (Cinegriot, Linda, Animaroid) conduct business not only for the planning and production of a variety of genres of movies but also for the creation of high quality CG imagery of motion pictures, games, commercials, and other media.
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Moreover, the Copyright business and the right business of the film festival exhibition etc. of the foreign country are done.

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